Bulgarian citizenship by investment – 2019 fast track bonds option

Bulgarian citizenship by investment

Buy Bulgarian citizenship by buying government bonds

Fast track Bulgarian citizenship – straightforward and financed options

Bulgarian citizenship by investment has never been easier to obtain following 2017 latest amendments to the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act and to the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, adopted by the National Assembly. These amendments allow non-EU citizens to practically buy Bulgarian citizenship by investing certain own or loaned amounts in the economy of the country. Current legislation offers various Bulgarian citizenship ‘for sale’ options depending on the size and type of the made investment. read more

Relocating to Bulgaria or move business after Brexit

Relocating to Bulgaria after Brexit is an option considered by more and more Britons. Moving business to Bulgaria is another option which more and more European and worldwide businessmen are taking advantage of.

Bulgaria is an EU member since 2007. Continued financial stability, lowest corporate income tax in Europe (10%), lowest cost of labour force combined with highly educated work force are only a few of its credits. That is why it is not a surprise why UK and other EU companies already started to study the opportunities to use Bulgaria as a safe harbour for relocation of their business. read more