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Our team of experienced Bulgarian lawyers provides legal services into several major departments of law, ranging from business and corporate law and real estate transactions to court litigation and debt collection.

Our commercial attorneys act on behalf of individuals and corporations and undertake different legal assignments – from drafting documents and conducting negotiations to liquidation and filing for insolvency. However we are mostly focused on business start-ups as well as miscellaneous options for buying or moving business to Bulgaria.

We also have a number of retainer clients to whom we are providing legal and accounting support after their successful business start. Thus we make sure that their businesses operate smoothly in compliance with all Bulgarian laws. We closely monitor the commercial activities of our clients’ business partners and if necessary we investigate companies on the edge of bankruptcy and secure assets for future court and debt collection cases.

And finally our team of Bulgarian solicitors provides different ancillary services closely related to the needs of foreign investors. These can be property transactions (acquisition of office premises, productions units, etc.), arranging company inheritance, wills and probate deeds, etc. which at some stage might have a huge impact on a business.

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4 thoughts on “Our Expertise

  1. Hey, I am going to set up a travel agency in Bulgaria, I read the article you posted on the web, but have a lot of questions.
    Do you mean we can only register a travel agent company after setting up a company for one year?
    Do you mean if we donot have a licensed staff, the travel agency would not be set up?

    • You need to have a Bulgarian company with a registered address in Bulgaria but there is no requirement to wait for one year. Regarding the staff you have understood right – the minimum requirement is to have at least one person – a manager – who has experience in the field and higher education in Tourism. The manager must speak Bulgarian and at least one foreign language.

  2. Hi,there

    I am intrested to open a company in bulgaria. I would like to know what is the divident fee,and is there any other charge?
    My nature of the business is trade (goods) and the complete trade will be outside bulgaria,Do I need to employe a bulgarian citizen?


    • Dear Sir,
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      Please be advised that the dividend tax in Bulgaria is 5 % and there are no additional charges on top.
      You do not need a Bulgarian citizen to open or run the company. You can be the only shareholder and manager of the company.
      The Trifonov Law Offices team

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