Publication of annual financial statements in Bulgaria

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Although the obligation for publication of annual financial reports of companies is a common rule in almost all European countries, there are numerous differences among the legislation of the member states. In most countries this obligation is only for companies that match certain criteria – certain activity throughout the fiscal year, annual turnover, type of company, etc.

That is probably the reason why many entrepreneurs that have set up companies in Bulgaria make the mistake not to publish their annual financial statements wrongly assuming that they do not fall among the entities that have this obligation. According to Art. 40 of Bulgarian Accounting Act enterprises are obliged to publish their annual financial statements and their annual management reports as adopted by the General Meeting of partners / shareholders.

All merchants in the meaning of the Bulgarian Commercial Act, namely: limited liability companies (single member limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships), joint stock companies, general partnerships or sole traders, are obliged  to file and submit their annual reports in Bulgarian Commercial Register by 30 June every year. This obligation is applicable even for companies which have had no activity throughout the fiscal year and for dormant companies.

Fines ranging from EUR 250 to EUR 1500 are imposed to all who fail to fulfill their obligation of submitting the information with the Commercial Register in Bulgaria within the specified deadline. In the event of a second violation of this rule fines are double.

The announcement of the reports shall follow a strict procedure rules set in the Bulgarian Commercial Register Act. Announcement is made by filing an application form (available only in Bulgarian language) together with the financial reports, minutes of the General Meeting of shareholders or the relevant body confirming the adoption the annual financial statements and a few mandatory declarations. Applicant can be either the Bulgarian company manager or a lawyer with an explicit Power of Attorney or the company accountant again with an explicit Power of Attorney. Application can be made either on line with an electronic signature or at the local offices of the Registry Agency. Sending your application by post is not acceptable.

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