EU transport licence via Bulgarian haulier company registration

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If you wish to register as a haulier transport company in Bulgaria and to operate on the territory of the entire European Union, you will need the Community License for road haulage.

This licence is granted by Bulgarian minister of transport, information technologies and communications through Transport Administration Executive Agency. In order to apply for a licence you need to incorporate a Bulgarian limited liability company or a sole proprietor with main activity carrying of goods for third parties, for hire or reward.

The haulage itself can be organized using either company’s own vehicles or rented or leased vehicles.

The registration of a Bulgarian transport company of that kind has specifics which require use of qualified legal help.

  1. To begin with, the haulier must match certain requirements one of the most important among which is financial stability. Establishing the financial stability of a transport company can be made either by depositing the relevant amount required by law into the capital of the company or by depositing the amount with a Bulgarian bank in the form of a bank guarantee; a further requirement is the company to have a professional indemnity insurance. The minimum amount of the bank guarantee, respectively – the capital, depends on how many vehicles operate in the company. The company must deposit EUR 9000 for the first vehicle and EUR 5000 for each additional vehicle. Another major requirement concerning financial stability is that the company applying for a licence should not have any outstanding liabilities to the state which circumstance must be proved by a Certificate issued by the National Revenue Agency.
  2. Second major requirement is the company to have physical office on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria from which to manage its activities. It is not mandatory the office place to be owned by the company, it could be a rented place.

There is another set of requirements regarding the person who will manage the transport company:

  1. Good reputation. The transport manager must have a clean criminal record and should not be deprived from the right to hold the position of a transport manager due to any offense against transport rules. The transport manager must provide a certificate of clean criminal record.
  2. Professional competence. In order to be qualified to act as a transport manager the person should hold a Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage Operations issued by Transport Administration Executive Agency. Anyone who holds such Certificate can act as a transport manager for maximum two companies.

It is important to point out that Bulgarian hauliers must match the above criteria not only at the time they apply for the transport licence but during the whole period of their operation. Otherwise they risk to lose their licence. Any change in circumstances of the transportation company shall be reported to the licensing authority within 14 day term.

Licence application is reviewed within 30 days from filing the application documents. In case any document is missing or there is a discrepancy found in the paperwork, the applicant is given additional 30 days period to correct the application documentation.

The licence itself is valid for 5 years. In case the haulier wants to continue to operate in Bulgaria and the EU after this period, application for a renewal of the licence must be submitted before the 5 year term of validity expires.

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